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Obesity cure

Obesity is a disease and not a simple mismatch of caloric intake and expenditure.Hence treatment of the same , especially for the long term involves a proper understanding of one’s metabolism , underlying factors that impacts it and an appropriate corrections of these.That’s exactly why all kinds of named diets like GM diet , Paleo , Keto etc have failed in the long term.Our management principles around a medical doctor , the leader of the program supported by dieticians, personal trainers , psychologists trained in weight management making it a team based management approach.The entire program is principled around long term success and not just short term as most weight loss programs works

Why does most diets fail?

The overall principle of all dietary programs is caloric restriction.This helps fat in the body to melt to produce glucose(lipolysis).But this stops at a certain point.Once the program gets discontinued , the fat accumulation and the weight bounces back.

How to prevent this failure?

One diet will not suit all.The diets need to be planned along with other metabolism improving methodologies to help in continued weightloss and also weight maintenance on the long term.Its also important that the diets are designed in a manner one can continue for life.

How to improve metabolism?

Metabolism in simple terms means “burning capacity of the body”.It requires a physical exercise planning that improves the cardiac rate in a sustainable manner.It also requires sleep cycle correction and statures management.Newer medications are also available that helps improve metabolism.In extreme cases , bariatric surgery also helps.

Can everyone take medications for


No.Its for someone with resistant metabolism finding it difficult to lost weight.It also should be taken only by a compliant patient willing to follow a healthy lifestyle under the supervision of a physician.

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