Diebetes cure

Yes ! Diabetes is actually curable.But not that simple.It requires an intense understanding of the body composition in terms of fat/muscle mass, understanding ongoing inflammation in the body , function of the pancreas , gut health etc and appropriately modify the same to revise the pathogenesis that caused diabetes in the first stage.This requires a medical doctor who has an extensive knowledge on these along with a multidisciplinary team of diabetologists ,dieticians, personal trainers & psychologists.Conventional endocrinologists and diabetologists just continue to modify/add anti-diabetic medications without actually working on reversing the pathogenesis.To know more click here

How can one reverse diabetes without the

need for medications?

Most diabetic patients have adequate insulin levels in their body but do not effciently work.This is called insulin resistance.This efficiency can be improved by modulating the percentage of fat and muscle mass by a combination of customised diet and muscle strengthening exercises.Secondly , the internal fat in the body if inflamed , would require anti-inflammatory methodologies.Also a close monitoring of the glucose peaks in relation to different diets can help customise a dietary program which will reduce the peaks.This can be done by usage of IOT devices which helps in continuous glucose monitoring.

Why the doctors are not along about diabetes


One , it requires an extensive understanding on the disease pathogenesis beyond insulin and its action.Two , it requires a dedicated multidisciplinary team to support the entire journey unlike just prescribing medications.

Will it be successful all?

Mostly yes.However the patient first needs to be evaluated to have a deeper understanding of the clinical state.The most difficult challenge will be the need for a motivated patient who’s willing for a long term life style change.It may not be that easy as swallowing a tablet.

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