Understanding Post-bariatric surgical nutrition

Getting the bariatric surgery done is not the end but it is the actual start for a new journey
aimed at making a better YOU!!!

It is a good idea to start making healthy changes before surgery to help you prepare for your new lifestyle and to know more about the dietary pattern post surgery. Because end of the day, it is not only the number of kilos that you shed that matters but about marching towards a healthy weight loss.

Yes! You have heard it right…..After bariatric surgery, your meal portions become much smaller!! So the real challenge lies in focusing on the quality of the diet.

The most common question that pops in our mind is, “Will I be able to eat normal food post bariatric surgery?” The point is what does “normal food” mean – and it’s quite definitely subjective.

What is expected in Post Bariatric surgery diet?

Right after bariatric surgery, your diet will start with liquids with the initial requirements of preventing dehydration and ensuring sufficient protein intake. Then you will be introduced to soft or pureed foods gradually. Eventually, you will be able to eat a variety of normal foods, but your diet will not look like what it did before surgery. Bariatric surgery emphasizes more on the portion control.

You can still grab a piece of cake (in moderation) as a part of balanced diet!!! Bariatric surgery is not going to stop you from eating your favorite food. You will be guided by the nutritionist throughout, regarding the food choices, consistency, meal frequency and eating pattern.

Micronutrient deficiencies following bariatric surgery can arise from several factors such as pre-existing deficiencies, reduced intake, malabsorption & inadequate supplementation. In order to prevent these deficiencies, one has to follow the prescribed dietary guidelines meticulously. However routine follow-up is reinforced in order to ensure the optimum nutritional status.

Bariatric surgery doesn’t really mean lifelong restrictions in your food pattern..,its about
how we perceive it.

In taking this first step, you’ve just begun the journey that can ultimately lead to – HEALTHIER YOU.