Bariatric Surgery without a scar?!

Worried of scars? …… Don’t worry we got you covered

I’m presuming that your confused! As you may know by now that All conventional laparoscopic surgeries (minimal invasive surgery) are done through small incisions on the abdomen. However minimal the incisions are, they are still visible scars on the abdomen. Scarless surgery has no visible incisions at all. you can smile now!!

If you didn’t smile heres more….

How is scarless surgery possible in bariatric?
A 1.5cm incision is made in the inner aspect of your belly button, medically called as the umbilicus. Then Specially designed laparoscopic ports (specifically designed and customised by Obesity and metabolic surgery department, Gem hospitals) are inserted through that single yet invisible incision to perform the required procedure. How cool is that 😉

You may ask that if the procedure is the same what’s the big deal!
For starters, there are absolutely no visible scars on your abdomen.
It is most ideal for young adults, those who are conscious on cosmesis, and those in the
entertainment industry.
Postoperative pain is significantly less…… ok heres one more, You can be discharged on the
same day following surgery! How about that?!

We at gem hospitals have pioneered the art of scarless surgery for over 2 decades, having performed close to 1000 scarless surgeries which includes bariatric surgery, cancer surgery, Hernia repairs, cholecystectomy, appendicectomy, Gynaecology procedures, the list can be endless………………….

Be free from scars…Be the best version of yourself.