My Healthy Plate

Always on a diet?
Eternally hungry?
Extremely irritable?
 Yet struggling to lose weight!!
Is this your story? Read on….

Seeking a quick weight loss diet, may not be beneficial to your body on the long run. The first thing people do to lose weight is drastically reduce the amount of food they eat. It is not about Eating Less, but EATING RIGHT. You will have to craft a balanced diet that helps in weight loss and also optimises your health.

So What Is the Best Diet for Weight Loss….?

The truth is – there is no perfect diet for weight loss. Whatever diet you follow must be:

Doable – include foods that you actually eat. Dont opt for exotic/fancy foods
Reproducible –focus on local and traditional foods so that you can add on to your plate anytime
Sustainable – Motivation is the important factor to get along with your diet.

At the same time, we all know that a calorie deficit diet promotes weight loss.

Now let’s imagine you are aiming at 1500 kcal diet – But if contains high caloric foods like ice creams, milk shakes, samosas, pastries and carbonated beverages – you are doing more harm to your body.  

The healthy way of losing weight is to practice Mindful Eating and Portion control!!!

Here are quick tips to have in mind while planning your meal plate:

A balance diet need not be the same for everyone. We are all different and everyone requires different amounts of nutrients based on their age, lifestyle and medical conditions.

Remember…..Planning the diet is very easy, but following it is the real challenge.