Vegan Foods With High Protein, YES they exist!

Yes…it’s inadequate! Your daily protein intake is inadequate! Why it’s happening? What is bothering you Are you worried that you are a vegan? Many people think that only a non-vegetarian diet will get enough amount of protein per day. If you are a vegan & looking for a high-quality protein, here’s a surprise for you! Plant-based protein is an excellent source of protein & has a variety of health benefits.., Yes! As a vegetarian, you can get more than enough amount of protein required per day.

How much protein do I need?

Protein is an essential macronutrient to keep your body performing well. The recommended dietary allowance for protein for adults is 1g/kg body weight in case of normal individuals and 1g /kg of Ideal body weight for underweight, overweight & obese individuals. Other factors such as age, physical activity, pregnancy, lactation period, disease conditions, etc will alter the protein requirement per day.

Are all vegans are protein deficient?

Generally, there is a misconception that it is hard to get enough amount of protein from a plant-based diet. There are also many plant-based foods that are rich in protein. Are you curious to know what are all the super healthy foods? Here is the top 5 plant-based foods that are an amazing source of protein!

Soya beans (white)

Yes.., soya beans are a good source of protein. The soybean is notable not only for its total protein content but the quality of soy protein which is higher than that of other plant proteins and similar to animal protein. One cup (200g) of soya beans (raw volume) gives 75.6 g of protein and 754.7 kcal. Dietary Fibre content (45.26 g dietary fibre) in soya beans helps to control your body weight & cholesterol levels. Soy provides a complete source of dietary protein which means that it is drastically different from other plant proteins and, it contains all the essential amino acids. One cup cooked volume of soybeans are pretty enough to meet your recommended daily protein intake.

Oyster mushroom

If you are a vegan & worried about your protein intake, then definitely you can enjoy a cup of oyster mushroom soup. Oyster mushrooms are the ideal food which can replace the high biological value protein sources and also they contain an abundance of essential amino acids. According to Indian food composition table 1 cup (200g) of raw volume of oyster mushroom gives 38.08 g protein & 487 kcal. Besides that it is low in CHO, and can be included in Low CHO diet plan.

Lentil dal

How about a bowl full of lentils? Do you know lentils are exceptionally high in protein and iron, making them invaluable to vegans. More than half a percentage of vegan’s meal plate should encourage lentils. It is rich in protein, vitamins & minerals which makes it a super healthy food to add in your diet. One cup (200g) of lentil dal gives 48.7 g of protein and 644.8 kcal which makes more than half of your recommended dietary allowance of protein per day


Green gram whole

There is nothing better than a protein-rich breakfast. Start your breakfast with green gram soup or green gram dosa. Green gram is one of the healthiest sources of plant-based protein and is found in different forms like whole, split, yellow, and round. One cup (200g) of raw green gram gives 47.6 g of protein and 651.5 kcal. Combine green gram with cereals having complex Carbohydrates (legumes, whole grains) in order to improve the quality of protein. This plant-based protein will helps you to keep fuller for a longer time and helps to overcome binge eating behavior

Ground nut

Never starve yourself! Add more protein in your snack to get enough amount of essential aminoacids. Ground nuts are an ideal snack for those who need an adequate amount of protein per day. It is also an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals. Hence it is high in calories, ground nuts should consumed in moderation. One cup(200g) of ground nuts gives 47.3 g of protein and 1040 kcal. High protein content in groundnuts will make you satiated for longer duration

Nourish your body with all the above possible plant based protein rich foods. Being a vegan will not make your daily protein intake inadequate, but lack of knowledge about food and nutrients will! Keep a measuring eye on each and every meal you have in a day. Instead of worrying about diet, aim to become happier, healthier & fitter. You are what you eat!