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Online Education


3 Months

  • January to March - 3 Months
  • June to August - 3 Months

The online course lasts for 3 months on a regular intervals and it is a part time distance learning course. It consists of 6 modules in 3 months.


Dr.P.Praveen Raj MS DNB, DNB (SGE), FALS (Hons), FMAS, FICS, FACS

Head –Obesity & Diabetes Surgery Centre

Director - GEM Hospital & Research Centre, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India


GEM Hospital & Research Centre, Coimbatore invites Food and Nutrition/Dietetic professionals for the fellowship programme to develop competencies in weight management therapy for the obese and morbidly obese patients. Guidance will be provided by internationally renowned expert team like surgeons, physicians, endocrinologists, gynecologists, psychologists, sports and exercise medicine consultant, registered dietitians and sports nutritionist.


  • To develop and to gain clear understanding and knowledge about physiology, regulation of adipocyte, appetite and human nutrition.
  • To develop a critical understanding of obesity and definition of body mass index. To learn about the distribution of adiposity, epidemiology, obesity problems and its relationship globally.
  • To enhance the knowledge and clinical skills to evaluate and treat obesity with emphasis on life style and behavioral therapy.
  • To understand the role of medications used in weight management, their pharmacology, mechanism of action and adverse effects
  • To understand about the potential emerging therapies in weight management
  • To understand and enhance the knowledge and skills in relation with surgical weight loss strategies.

International Fellowship

GEM hospital has been the forerunner for the growth and development of many advanced laparoscopic techniques and also in training and research. This includes laparoscopic techniques for the treatment of GI cancers like laparoscopic whipples procedure, thoracolaparoscopic oesophagectomy, bariatric surgery etc. The training comprises of in-depth "Hands On" training of the basic procedures in Minimal Access Surgery. Diploma Certificate in Minimal Access Surgery will be issued after successful completion of this course. The content of core modules has been revised to provide a comprehensive foundation including training modules, hands on training and virtual education. The sequence of delivery of modules will be logical and lead to the successful assimilation of enough theoretical and practical knowledge to allow the assigned project to be developed. The course is ideally suited for surgeons and gynaecologists interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills for establishing a career in laparoscopy. With many similar courses, where a degree is offered without much hands on training, this is one of its kind where a surgeon will actually be able to start laparoscopic practice at the completion of the course. The spectrum of clinical observation is NOT restricted to the observation/training of surgical procedures, but includesout-patient and ward based activities, to facilitate understanding of presentation, diagnosis, selection, consent and outcome related to safe minimal access surgery. Candidates will be exposed to advanced laparoscopic procedures also and will be able too assist in the actual operations. This includes procedures like laparoscopic gastrectomy, hippies, colorectal surgeries, bariatric surgery and robotic surgeries.

Candidates will be encouraged to participate in academic meetings and also to partner in research projects of the Institute based on the department they work in. The subject for review shall be relevant to minimal access surgery. Guidance will be given to those who are uncertainas to their choice. A preliminary literature search will form part of the research methodology module. A dedicated Institutional review board(IRB) will guide in the project work. The candidates shall also participate in the weekly academic meetings of the institute like clinical presentations , journal club , mortality meetings etc

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Bariatric Training Course

GEM hospital has been the forerunner for the growth and development of many advanced laparoscopic techniques and also in training and research. This includes laparoscopic techniques for the treatment of GI cancers like laparoscopic whipples procedure, thoracolaparoscopic oesophagectomy, bariatric surgery etc. Laparoscopy is now more standardised and accepted, but at the same time is becoming more challenging too. The days are gone where surgeons used to experiment and learn themselves. Hence we have evolved with a ALL NEW FORMAT for laparoscopic training, especially giving more HANDS ON EXPERIENCE so that one could get back with more confidence. All kinds of courses starting from basic laparoscopy to more specialised courses have been designed by the respective departments at GEM. Unlike conferences and training programs of the past, here the operating room will be where most of your training is bound to happen.

Gem is also the only Institute speciality based training courses including basic laparoscopy,Endo hernia,bariatric surgery , upper GI surgery and so on

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LAPAROFIT-International Conferences & Workshop for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery started in the year 2007 with 75 delegates has now grown to be one of the largest & most popular of all conferences in the country in the field of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.

2010 saw a new era in technological evolution, with LAPAROFIT-2010,3rd International Conference & Workshop on Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery becoming the first conference where the entire workshop was done live from Gem Hospital, Coimbatore to the venue at Le Royal Meridien, Chennai in High Definition mode, the first of its kind in the world.Later 2014 witnessed the word first LIVE WEBSTREAMING conference wherein over 2500 delegates participated from around the world and had 17 speakers from 14 countries.With 8 conferences successfully completed , LAPAROFIT aims to create more scientific bariatric surgical community


Obesity has emerged to be the most common and dangerous non-communicable disease.However with lack of enough scientifically trained professionals to tackle this disease Dr.Praveen Raj introduced OBESICON , a national conference to bring all professionals involved in the treatment of obesity to provide and evolve an integrated approach to the disease.Started in the year 2015 , more than 800 delegates have participated in the conference with increasing popularity.The beneficiaries include surgeons, physicians, endocrinologists, diabetologists, gynecologists, registered dietitians and professors and teachers from prestigious institutions.

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