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GEM Hospital support group

At Gem Obesity & Diabetes Surgery cennter, our support groups constitute an integral part of our vision to provide safe, effective and efficacious care to our patient population. Research has consistently demonstrated that ongoing post- surgical support is absolutely critical to the success of bariatric surgery and long-term sustained weight loss and weight maintenance and that support group meeting attendance directly increases the chances of short and long term patient success post bariatric surgery.

We recognize that obesity is a debilitating disease of mind, body and spirit and must be addressed holistically to achieve long-term success. Post Surgery patients realize that weight loss surgery will not miraculously eliminate the emotional or psychological trauma that morbid obesity had inflicted on them for years on end. They are also in the process of developing an entirely new way of looking at food as well as having to respond to questions about their bariatric surgery experience, both on a personal and professional basis.

Our support groups are in place to assist patients with addressing more immediate and long-term questions and needs including the most beneficial diets, exercise regimens, body contouring options, dealing with lifestyle changes that follow bariatric surgery etc.

Regardless of where a patient is in the process (considering bariatric surgery, arriving just prior to the surgery or post-surgery), they are welcome to attend the sessions and are highly encouraged to bring their loved ones along as well. The success of this surgery also hinges on the unwavering support the patient receives at home, which is why educating the family is a priority for us.

Topics addressed at the support group meetings range from providing the latest information on diet and exercise regimens to learning how to view food differently to the importance of adhering to the medication regimen strictly to ways to bolster one’s emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual health.

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