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Initiated by Dr. Praveen Raj


Dear Friends

Greetings from the GEM..!

Inviting you all once again to the MECCA OF LAPARASCOPY, for yet another academic feast. Bariatic surgery has proven itself to be a life saving procedure, actually increasing the life expectancy of people unlike any other specially. what started as a weight reduction procedure has evolved to be treatment for many metabolic disorders, hence by being popularly called metabolic surgery.

But with no existing guidlines or recommendations on best practices, there has been a lack of uniformity amongst surgeons in selections of procedures and the different steps involved in management. the book edited by us titled "Bariatric Surgery Practice Guide" is an actual attempt in bridging this gap of standardisation. but this is.'t enough !

Hence at LAPAROFIT#8, as always been, is unique in its own way, we aim to standardise the different steps involved in bariatric surgery, hence the theme "SOLVING BARIATRICS".

Welcome you all to be a part of this attempt at actually solving bariatrics.

Prof. C. Palanivelu, Patron
Dr.P.Praveen Raj, Organizing Secretary


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Single incision laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery
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