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Initiated by Dr. Praveen Raj



Welcome to LAPAROFIT again, India's most popular bariatric surgical program.

As you have been following over the years, we have always tried our best to make sure each and every program of ours have enough to take back home and refine one's surgical practice. Simultaneously we also have tried to implement / experiment new technological innovatiobs which culminated in LAPAROSURG 2014, worlds first complete web streaming conference. This was highly appreciated and well attended, with over 900 participants making in the largest bariatric conference in the Asia Pacific.

What next? From technological innovation, in LAPAROFIT 2014 we are moving towards Academic innovation this year. Each and every session will be planned in such a manner that the speaker / the participants would be collecting appropriate evidences, which will be discussed during the sessions. This will be reviewed and comiled as statements that would guide our everyday practice.

This we believe would make bariatric practice more streamlined and organised, which we believe is very important as India continues in its march towards leadership in bariatric surgery.

Prof. C. Palanivelu, Patron
Dr.P.Praveen Raj, Organizing Secretary


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